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Video Marketing Strategies: 7 Powerful Video Marketing Tips

Video marketing strategies are key for new marketing campaigns and practices across all modes of marketing. For Instagram marketing, TikTok marketing, and everything in between, utilizing video content gives you added visual stimulants to reach your intended audience. 

Whether you’re learning how to market to your audience or you’re a seasoned pro, read on to learn how video marketing strategies can showcase your services and brand. 

7. Incorporate Customer Testimonials

Customer testimonials are one of the most powerful assets you have for growing your business. They show potential customers how valuable your services are. You can use video snippets of customer testimonials to gain momentum in social media marketing. That shows people what you’re capable of if given their business. 

6. Pick Clips From Your Work Process

Showcasing the work you do should always be a goal in the importance of content creation for your brand. Pick clips from your work process–these can be intentionally recorded–to showcase your business. You can even post them to your site as some of the key elements of a good homepage.

5. Record Your Industry Knowledge

Being a thought leader in your industry is another tool for bringing in the best customers. Record sound bites of industry knowledge to share on social media and let people know that you know what you’re doing. This is particularly useful in marketing your business in a saturated market.

4. Keep It Brief

Brevity is your friend in almost all video marketing strategies–except for the next tip coming up! For reels and shorts, keeping it brief will maintain audience engagement. You can build a content calendar around brief tidbits of vital information and fun industry facts. The more short clips of information you have, the better!

3. Engage with Live Streaming

The exception to the rule of brief videos is live streaming on social media. Whether you’re announcing business changes or sharing a project you worked on you’re proud of, a live stream helps you actively engage with your community.

2. Make Use of Cross-Promotion

As a business owner, you’re sure to understand the value of networking and collaborating with peers in your industry. Take it one step further with video collaborations. Draw inspiration from comedians who make clips together and business leaders who sit down to record a podcast of their shared knowledge.

1. Maintain Your Brand

Maintaining your brand will carry your business forward through all manner of hardships. It’s social media management 101 to keep your brand voice consistent throughout your content. As you’re working through these video marketing strategies in your content creation, keep your brand voice and aesthetic in mind every step of the way.

Marketing Through Video Format: Give Your Audience a Meaningful View

Using these video marketing strategies for your business helps you grow and teaches you more about marketing management. To make the most of what video marketing can do for you, reach out to Papion Marketing to benefit from our video marketing experience! 


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