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How To Build a Content Calendar: 6 Content Calendar Tips

Learning how to build a content calendar is helpful for building a brand and learning the ins and outs of social media management. Building a content calendar, with content created at least a month in advance, makes it easier than ever to effortlessly have content ready. That helps you draw in new customers and clients. 

Building a content calendar helps you gain momentum in social media marketing, manage top SEO challenges, and excel at small business marketing and branding. Read on through this Papion Marketing blog to learn how to build a content calendar for your brand.

6. Set Goals with Clear Intentions

Setting goals with clear intentions will help you know which direction to move your content calendar in. The importance of content creation is marked by the need for a goal of that creation. Are you aiming for more traffic? Are you advertising a specific service? Be clear with what you need, to guide your content direction.

5. Build For Your Audience

Learning how to market to your audience through your content is the goal of digital content creation. When you’re building your content calendar, think about what your intended audience will be looking for. Are there holidays to include? Maybe a specific cadence of how-to videos is key. Whatever it may be, keep your audience in mind.

4. Nail Down Your Content Mediums

Before you start mapping out the details of each piece of content you need to know which types of content you’re going to create. Some options are Instagram reels, YouTube videos, or paid advertisements. Whatever you choose, choose it first, to make it easier to get creative with content, without having to plan something new each time.

3. Do Some Keyword and Hashtag Research

Studying the similarities between keywords and hashtags and picking the right ones for your brand helps you build a calendar that gets results. Having a group of branded keywords and hashtags and researching the best choices for your audience makes it easier to build content around the right words.

2. Set a Publishing Schedule

Setting a publishing schedule is one of the best things you can do for yourself when it comes to making a content calendar. When you plan out when you’ll publish and map a few weeks of content, you’ll be making life easier for yourself in the future. 

1. Analyze As You Go Along

Building a content calendar isn’t a one-and-done type of task. Similar to the nuances of TikTok marketing for the algorithm, building a content calendar takes consistent reevaluation. After you’ve built up your calendar, assess it each month to make sure it’s still moving you forward.

Building a Content Calendar: Content Curation with Care 

Once you’ve learned how to build a content calendar, you’re better prepared to manage your social media marketing and move your business forward. If you’re looking to amp up your marketing and dive deeper into social media branding, reach out to Papion Marketing today!

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