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What Is Social Media Management? 4 Social Management Factors

When you hear the term social media management several concepts might come to mind. What is social media management? Is it posting on a regular basis across all your platforms? Is it understanding the algorithm to get your posts viewed by a substantive audience? Could it be all those options and more? Yes, it’s all that, and even more. 

Social media management is the strategizing, active posting, and analysis that comes with running a social media account. When you work with a social media manager, you’re resting your social media plans in their capable hands. Social media management is the careful curation of these upcoming four factors that come together for an efficient social platform plan.

4. Posting and Grid Strategy

A posting and grid strategy is the backbone of your social media management. The posting strategy in this factor is all about posting at the right times, on the right days, and in an engaging way. 

Grid strategy is the layout of your social media post grid. We’ve all seen those Instagram pages where the grid is intuitive and aesthetically pleasing. That’s the goal with the grid strategy. It’s about posting in the right order, with a specific color scheme. 

3. Managing Engagement

Managing engagement is often a huge portion of social media management. The goal of having social media pages up and running is to draw in an audience of potential customers and clients. Of course, it takes more than people viewing your page to turn them into customers. It takes engagement. 

A social media manager can help you find a plan for engaging with your followers. That plan could be commenting back on comments, then liking them at a slightly different time to increase engagement. That is one of many options a social media management team can provide and implement to grow your engagement. 

2. Hashtag Structure

Hashtag structure is a small but mighty factor in the world of social media management. There is so much to learn about hashtag optimization. It’s important that you have an idea of how your hashtags benefit your posts. You don’t, however, have to be an expert when you have a social manager. 

A social media manager can help you with everything from learning about camel case to doing competitor research on topics and hashtags. 

1. Brand Consistency Platform-Wide

Brand consistency is something every brand and business needs. It is the standard of design, language, and style you use for everything business-related. This means your color schemes in photos, your use of emojis, and your way of interacting in a direct message. It is vital for a consistent social media image. 

A social media manager makes this easier. We proof your social content for correctness and brand consistency, to make sure everything you post and say is on brand. 

Social Media Management: We’ll Manage, You’ll Mind Your Business

Hiring a social media management team takes the stress of running your social channels off your plate. If you’re looking to get your social media working for you, reach out to Papion Marketing to discover our social media management services. 

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