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Similarities Between Keywords and Hashtags: 3 Shared Traits

Social media marketing and general online advertising and marketing are so closely tied, it’s never surprising to find connections between the two. One particular connection is the similarities between keywords and hashtags within the importance of content creation.

If you’ve worked with social media management, or online marketing, you understand the importance of keywords and hashtags. But have you thought about the ties between them? In this Papion Marketing blog post, we’ll dive into the importance of keywords and hashtags. We’ll talk about what makes them two peas in a marketing pod. 

What are Keywords?

Keywords are most commonly thought of in relation to content marketing online. The keywords you focus on are the terms and phrases relevant to your content, and the content your audience is searching for. When it comes to how to market to your audience, the right keywords get your content ranking for terms you’re striving to connect with.

What are Hashtags?

Hashtags are, in some ways, the keywords of social media marketing. Hashtags are the tags of your social posts. When you’re choosing hashtags, the idea is to use terms and phrases related to your content and your audience on social media. Using the right hashtags gets your content on the search pages of the right people. 

3 Keyword and Hashtag Similarities

Between those two definitions, it’s no wonder keywords and hashtags are so similar. They both serve the purpose of curating your content to reach the people you want to build a community with. These three similarities between keywords and hashtags showcase how you choose your keywords and hashtags, and how they serve a similar function.

3. Customer Demographic Goals

Keywords and hashtags both serve to get your content in front of your key customer demographic. That is one of the goals of all marketing: to get your content and brand in front of the right people. The right keywords and hashtags are designed to be searchable terms for the people who will be interested in what you’re offering. 

2. Algorithm Foundations

Both keywords and hashtags are reliant, in part, on the algorithms of search engines and social media. For example, when a Google algorithm update rolls out, the importance and function of keywords can shift. The same can happen on social media. Some weeks, your hashtags will work with the algorithm, but when the algorithm changes your content can get buried. 

When you work with keywords and hashtags, part of your job is to stay on top of updates as they roll out. Also, quality content always draws the right attention, even when the SEO related to hashtags and keywords can take time to right itself.

1. Content Direction

When you create content, it’s directed toward your brand identity, your buyer persona, and your industry. Every part of your content should connect, even in the smallest ways, to that chosen direction. Keywords and hashtags both serve the function of further connecting your content to your industry and brand identity. 

Keywords and Hashtags: Semantics and Shared Goals

Keywords and hashtags are two sides of the same marketing and social media coin. If you’re looking to get your keywords, hashtags, and content directed toward the clients you want to attract, reach out to Papion Marketing today. Our social media management services and marketing expertise can help you get there. 

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