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How To Market To Your Audience: 6 Key Direct Marketing Tips

Learning how to market to your audience can take your marketing tactics and campaigns from run-of-the-mill to over-the-moon. How do you market to your audience though? How do you know who your audience is? 

These are questions everyone with a business and a marketing plan should ask themselves. Here on the Papion Marketing blog, we have the answers. Read on for six tips for how to market to your audience, no matter who your audience is.

6. Defining Your Audience

When it comes to how to market to your audience, you need to start with defining your audience. Who is your targeted demographic? Who wants what you’re selling? Think about the problem you’re solving, and then find the audience that has that problem. That’s how you narrow the search of who your specific audience is.

5. Provide Relevant Content

Once you know who you’re selling and marketing toward, make sure you’re providing relevant content for that audience. From your initial marketing ads to your blog content, relevant, valuable content should always be your goal. When you’re creating content, it’s best to start with the mindset of creating something that solves a problem or answers a question.

4. Define the Problem You’re Solving

The need to define the problem you’re solving comes up throughout these six tips. It’s also important enough to warrant its own spot on the list. No matter what your business or brand is, the heart of your plan should be to solve a problem with your product or service. When you define the problem you’re solving, you’ll have a clear idea of who has that problem.

3. Use Targeted Advertising

When you hear the phrase “use targeted advertising” you might think to yourself, “How many ads are too many ads?” Targeted advertising is something you should use within reason, but it’s a powerful tool in your marketing arsenal. When you find your demographic and audience, gear your advertising to them, to make the most of ad spending.

2. Work with Referrals

As you build your business and marketing plan, referrals will become a niche area of marketing that comes to your more directly. Marketing through referrals is different from traditional marketing, but it leans heavily into word-of-mouth marketing. Your current audience, as they share the news about your business, will have a direct link to other ideal customers. 

1. Find Your Social Media Audience with Hashtags

Finding your social media audience with hashtags comes in at number one because it’s one of the more focused marketing approaches on this list. It’s a small part of your marketing plan overall, but when it comes to social media, the right hashtags make all the difference. Research hashtags for your audience and industry, and use them to get your content where it needs to be.

Marketing To Your Audience: Marketing, But Make It Personal

When you’re learning how to market to your audience there’s a lot of information that will come your way. If you’re looking to gather that information and use it with ease, reach out to Papion Marketing today. We work with you to build your marketing plan and expand your skills. 


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