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Small Business Marketing and Branding: 5 Tips and Tricks

Small business marketing and branding is unique in how it enhances small businesses. Owning a small business puts you in the position of needing to focus on your brand from day one. It also means you always need to be on top of your marketing. Even established small businesses run with a certain amount of risk being up against larger companies. 

When you focus your marketing and branding on tactics for small businesses, you’re even more prepared to build your business and stand out. 

5. Build Your Brand First

A small business needs a brand with a strong presence. You need to start with your brand and build from there, ensuring everything you sell, create, and market with is on brand. Your brand includes:

  • Your logo
  • Your color scheme
  • Your standard design elements
  • Your brand voice in written and spoken copy

When you start with your brand you’ll be ready to work toward a successful business. It’ll give you the freedom to not piece together your brand along the way. 

4. Research Your Competition

Every business has competition, but small businesses need to be more aware of the competition than everyone else. If you’re opening a coffee shop, check out what the other shops in your location are doing. From there you can either do it better or do something new. 

The key is to make sure you have something to offer that stands out. A small business needs a unique selling point. 

3. Emphasize Your Logo Decision

Your logo has the power to make your break your small business marketing and branding plans and campaigns. It will be the first thing many people see when they look into your business. If you sell merchandise your logo will be on each piece of merchandise. 

Take time to make sure your logo says the right thing. Learn about color psychology and shape psychology, to figure out how to convey messaging with your logo. 

2. Research Your Target Audience

Researching your target audience helps you build your business for your customers. To start, you should put together your buyer persona. That’s your ideal customer. 

From there, research what that person is already buying. Find out what they might be lacking. Create a business that fills their needs. That’s one of the best ways to ensure you have a profitable business.

1. Find Your Why

There’s a book by Simon Sinek called Start With Why. It’s about the importance of knowing the reason behind what you’re doing. Knowing what your why is helps every business, but for small businesses, it’s especially important. 

The reason behind your business will keep you going when the market is rough. It also gives you a touchstone to come back to when your business starts to grow. 

Small Business Branding and Marketing: Start Small and Grow

Small business marketing and branding will help you build a strong business with room for growth. When you start with a stable foundation of your brand and marketing plans, you’ll be ready for anything the future holds. 

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