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Announcing Business Changes: 6 Tips for Marketing Spins

Announcing business changes can be a daunting moment of exposure for any business. Whether you’ve been focused on marketing for unconventional businesses or marketing for established businesses, announcing business changes can be a time of upheaval. It has moving parts both within the business and with customers. It’s best handled with care.

That’s where these six tips for announcing business changes come in handy. The tips in this Papion Marketing blog range from internal steps to external marketing campaign practices. Read on to learn how you can go about announcing business changes with ease.

6. Start with Internal Announcements

Announcing business changes starts within the business, without customer input. Firstly, announcing changes within the company is the right thing to do. Secondly, it’s a great tool for testing how those changes will go over. When you share the news with your team, ask for feedback, and take it into serious consideration.

5. Use Focus Groups for Testing the Announcement

Using focus groups isn’t a regular business practice in every industry these days, but it can be worth your while. When it comes to announcing business changes, working with a focus group will take extra care. You should plan your announcement strategy, then make a false narrative within the plan to share with the group. This gives you feedback and keeps it private. 

4. Use the Sandwich Method

The sandwich method is a method for framing something negative between a few positive points. This tip is primarily for use if the business changes you’re announcing have any potentially negative effects. Framing them with the positive points of the change will soften the information.

3. Write a Press Release

When you’re announcing business changes one of the most important things to ensure is that the information comes from you as a primary source. Writing a press release with pertinent information, framed for marketing, will help you achieve that goal. You can publish it yourself and distribute it through your industry.

2. Take Care with Language Around Change

A good portion of the work you’ll need to do around announcing business changes lies in the wording you’ll choose. When you’re announcing new business changes use positive wording and focus on your brand tone to make the announcement seamless with the rest of your marketing.

1. Showcase the Benefits of the Changes

When you’re announcing business changes the most important thing you need to do is showcase the benefits of the changes. With everyone you’re sharing this news with, they’ll want to know why they should be happy about the changes. Your top priority is highlighting those benefits. 

Announcing Business Changes with Marketing In Mind: Protecting and Expanding Your Brand

When it comes to announcing business changes, having a plan you can apply to any business changes will help you run your business with limited hiccups. These six tips and tricks are a crucial part of that plan. When you incorporate them into your business changes, you’ll see an increase in employee and customer engagement with the new business plans. 

If you’re making changes to your business and looking to master your marketing, reach out to Papion Marketing today!

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