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3 Tips for New Marketing for Established Businesses

A new marketing campaign is something every business experiences. From new marketing for established businesses to a small business getting started, marketing needs focus and specificity. 

For new businesses in a saturated market, marketing presents certain challenges. A social media manager can assist through the process. But how does it work for established businesses? 

If you’re a long-standing, accomplished business that hasn’t given much attention to marketing so far, this Papion blog post is the place for you. These three tips for new marketing for established businesses will get you in the right headspace to continue your craft with a new market. 

3. Make an Internal List of Accomplishments

There’s a common factor across the board of established businesses. They have been working their craft for years. When they reflect on it, however, they don’t always see how much they have accomplished. It’s easy to say, “Well, we’ve done plenty of high-profile work, but anyone who’s been in business for 20 years can say the same.”

That isn’t always the case, and it diminishes the incredible work the company has been a part of through the years. When you’re starting the process of creating a marketing campaign for your established business, you’ll likely fall into that line of thinking. When you do, it’s time for an internal list of accomplishments. 

Sit down and brainstorm with your business partners. Look through your portfolio. Take note of the incredible projects you’ve been a part of. Building a list of your accomplishments, purely for your own use, will get you in the right mindset to kick off your marketing campaign.

2. Maintain, But Also Refresh Your Branding

Maintaining and refreshing your branding might seem like two ideas that are at odds with each other. When you have an established brand with a long history, however, the pairing of maintained and refreshed branding is key. You don’t want to change the heart of your branding. Your logo, your color choices, and all aspects of your stylization needs to be maintained. 

That doesn’t mean you can’t add new elements in an on-brand way. When you’re revamping a brand, you look at everything that you can change in substantial ways. When you’re refreshing an established brand, the best choice is to make small additions, not changes. 

One of the best ways to do this is to release an anniversary edition of your logo. That will draw in a new audience while maintaining your brand.

1. Utilize Client Testimonials

As an established business with a long history of great client relationships, one of your best assets is the opinions of those clients. Every business benefits from putting client testimonials on their website and improving their search engine (and local SEO) presence with stellar reviews. 

When you’ve been working with your clients for years, they will be happy to sing your praises. Okay, they might not actually sing, but they’ll happily write you a review. Ask for a few sentences of how you helped them and what you did. Those testimonials will draw in new clients, who are already impressed with what you’ve done before.

Marketing Initiatives for Long-Standing Businesses: Showcasing Your Expertise 

New marketing for established businesses can be a challenge, even with these three steps as a foundation. If you’re looking to show the world the brand and business you’ve been working hard on through the years, reach out to Papion Marketing. Our experience in marketing, paired with the experience of your business, will help you find a foothold in marketing management. 

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