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Key Elements of a Good Homepage: 6 Elements of a Homepage

For a business or brand with an online presence, the key elements of a good homepage are something you should be closely aware of. Sure, your TikTok marketing needs to be on point and you should work with local SEO. Curating Instagram grids is also something you should learn about. 

Your homepage, however, is one of the first things people will see when they visit your site. Your social media manager can help you get people to your site. Once they’re there, the key elements of a good homepage will keep them around. 

These six key elements of a good homepage will help you build a site people will spend time on. If you’re learning how to market to your audience, learning how to keep them on your site is the first step. From there, the rest of your small business marketing and branding will take shape.

6. Short, Concise Text

Short, concise text is a good place to start when you’re deciding what to put on your homepage. You want enough information to tell site visitors what they’re getting, but not so much that they don’t scroll or stay on the page. 

5. Evocative Images

Evocative images will help you share information without overdoing it with too many words. Whatever your business or brand is, choose images that showcase what you’re offering. This will mean something different for you, but when you find the right images, you’ll know.

4. Appealing, Intuitive Color Schemes

One of the less obvious but very much key elements of a good homepage is the use of appealing, intuitive color schemes. If you choose colors that are too much, in any sense, they’ll detract from your page. Light, easy-on-the-eyes colors are a good place to start.

3. Up-Front Value Statements

Your homepage is the place where you can share the most important, immediate information about what your business is all about. Being upfront with your value statements, whatever those may be, is one of the key elements of a good homepage that promotes your business.

2. Clean Mobile Use

While the design of your website and homepage will take place on a desktop or laptop, folks will visit the page on their mobile devices. When you’re designing your homepage, make sure you test it out on mobile scales, to fix anything that doesn’t translate to a mobile view.

1. Clear CTAs

Having clear CTAs, or calls to action, is important for every page on your website. On your homepage, CTAs are especially helpful. They can lead site visitors to other pages, keep them on your site, and help them find what they need from you.

Elements of a Homepage: An Invitation Into Your Online Home 

Using the key elements of a good homepage will help drive traffic to your site and turn one-time visitors into returning customers. If you’re looking for support in creating a homepage and website that helps build your business, reach out to work with Papion Marketing today. 

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