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Curating Instagram Grids: 5 Elements of Intentional Content

Curating Instagram grids is part of the work of every social media manager and business owner. It’s intrinsically tied to the importance of content creation. Your Instagram grid is a portfolio of content your audience of potential customers interacts with. 

When it comes to curating Instagram grids, there are plenty of strategies you can implement. In this Papion blog post, we’ll talk about those strategies, but as part of a larger conversation. These five elements of intentional content creation on your Instagram grid encompass those strategies within the benefits you’ll find as you curate your grid.

5. Memorable, Recognizable Content

Whether you’re revamping your brand, starting out, or building your existing strategy, creating memorable, recognizable content is a constant goal and benefit. It’s a goal because recognizable content will build up your social media presence. The benefit comes in when customers see your content and relate it to a product or service they want. 

4. Streamlined Future Content

When you’re curating your Instagram grid, not only are you making amazing current content, you’re also setting up your content plan for the future. Having a brand identity means knowing what type of content you’re going to create. Building your grid around that means you’re always preparing for the future. You’re setting up your content for success.

3. Aesthetic Brand Tone

Your brand tone is multi-faceted and one of the many parts of it is the aesthetic you curate. Curating Instagram grids has a direct focus on aesthetics. When you focus on your grid, you’re giving attention to the aesthetics of your brand tone. That builds your brand on social media in a subtle but highly effective way.

2. Shareable, Evidentiary Content

Shareable, evidentiary content is something every brand benefits from. When you create content it’s most beneficial to have content that can be repurposed and used for all manner of business purposes. Curating your Instagram grid with relevant content that can be used in business pitches and branding is key to your Instagram success.

1. Unique and Related Content

Creating unique and related content is one of the more direct plans you should have for curating Instagram grids from this list. Unique, relevant content is a benefit of focusing on your grid. It’s also, however, a very specific, important step. As you’re creating content, it can be easy to fall into a rut. Keeping unique content as your goal helps you avoid running out of relevant content.

Curating Your Instagram Grid: Do It for the ‘Gram

Curating Instagram grids can be a lot of work. When you look at it from your overall brand view, it’s an integral part of brand success. Your Instagram grid is a place where people can get a snapshot view of what your brand is and what you’re offering to them. That’s time with your audience that is well worth investing in.

If you’re looking for support with your Instagram content creation, reach out to Papion Marketing today. Our social media management services help you define and create your social presence with ease.

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