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Instagram Marketing Tips: 7 Winning Instagram Tips

Instagram marketing is, in this day and age, something every business should pay attention to in their marketing goals. It’s similar to TikTok marketing; it’s an inherent part of where customers and clients are looking for a business worth their focus. From curating Instagram grids to marketing through reels, read on to learn seven Instagram marketing tips to help you succeed.

7. Boost Key Posts

The post boosting feature on Instagram gives you the ability to sponsor certain posts and do some subtle advertising. You can pick posts that already rank well or use this feature for new posts you want to get lots of eyes on. Boosting posts is a great way of spot-picking your ways of gaining momentum in social media marketing

6. Curate Your Grid

Curating your grid, whether it’s for Instagram personal brands or a business page, gives you a body of work to draw in an audience. Plan ahead through posts to make sure they all fit your brand theme. Creating a content calendar will help you curate your grid with ease. 

5. Engage Through Direct Messages

Instagram is the original home of the classic move of sliding into someone’s DMs. It’s an informal yet professional way of reaching out to clients and customers, as well as other businesses with whom you’re working. It can be the perfect direct way of how to market to your audience and make business connections. 

4. Set Your KPIs 

Having KPIs, or key performance indicators, is the best way of setting marketing goals and knowing how to track them. For Instagram marketing tips, your KPIs may be something along the lines of gaining a certain amount of followers each month. Whatever it is, setting your KPIs will make it easier to keep track of them.

3. Optimize Your Bio

Your Instagram bio is a key snapshot, a place to showcase your services in a brief setting and make people want to learn more. To optimize your bio, make sure you have a clear CTA and a brief brand descriptor. You can update as needed if your business specialties shift.

2. Use Professional Photography

The benefits of professional photos for your brand cannot be overstated. Working with a photographer to get photos for your Instagram grid gives you a simplified option for getting the best content. The importance of content creation doubles down on professional photos because your photos are the first view your audience has of your brand.

1. Provide Immediate Value

For every Instagram user, there is one common factor of Instagram usage: the constant scrolling of the Instagram feed. It’s so easy to keep scrolling, on and on, until something catches your interest enough to pause. In your content creation, make sure you provide immediate value with your posts and stories, to give someone a reason to keep reading.

Marketing on Instagram: Do It For the ‘Gram

These seven Instagram marketing tips help you feel in control of your place on Instagram, even with the back-and-forth nature of the Instagram algorithm. For all social media management, the key is to have a balanced set of benchmarks for your goals and plans. Papion Marketing can help you set those benchmarks and make the most of social media marketing. Reach out today!

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