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Showcasing Your Services: 6 Tips for Your Services Page

Showcasing your services and products on your website and every other space you advertise is critical for every business. There are two reasons customers focus on your business: your branding work and what you offer as a product or service. 

Your branding gets them in the door. Your services and products are the reason they stay. When it comes to small business marketing, these two principles come together as vital marketing needs.

Every business showcases its services and products with strategies like a dedicated website page and digital advertising. Those staples are the place to start. The six tips in this Papion Marketing blog will help you enhance those practices and make a showstopping display of your products and services. 

6. Make It Personal

Personalization is a good base tool for enhancing any part of your business advertising. It’s a key principle of social media management because it draws people in. For showcasing your services and products, personalization can come in many forms. One excellent option is having branded graphics for a visual representation of your products and services. 

5. Put Your Services In Several Website Spots

Nearly every business has a specific page on its website to showcase services and products. Don’t get us wrong, you should have that page. A “products and services” tab on your header navigation is great for general and local SEO purposes and user-friendliness. 

You should also have those products and services in another space, or a few. A sidebar, or even a pop-up toward the end of a page, gives you extra visibility. 

4. Create Video Content Around Services

Creating video content around your services makes it easier for new clients and customers to get a feel for what you’re offering. This content can include things like product demonstrations and service reviews. Posting this content on your website and across social media will draw in customers.

3. Use Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are always helpful for your business. When new customers see, in personalized statements, how people have benefited from your business, they’ll want to see what all the fuss is about. 

2. Have a Bold Opening Line

A bold opening line is a key component across the world of marketing and advertising. It applies to everything from showcasing your services and products to having the right subject line in email marketing. For showcasing products and services, your bold opening line should do the work of stating the problem you’re solving. 

1. Focus on Clear CTAs

Focusing on clear CTAs is important for every page on your website. For your products and services space, your CTA should be as clear as possible, to give people an easy step forward. A contact button in an easily viewable space is often the best option.

Service Showcase Skills: Show, Tell, and Grow Your Business 

Showcasing your services and products on your website and social media is a key part of running a successful business. Your products and services are what make your business uniquely you. 

Even if you offer a service that is similar to something someone else offers, the way you do things makes it unique. Your showcasing of those services should be equally unique. If you’re looking to enhance your marketing, from showcasing services to everything else, reach out to Papion Marketing today

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