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Marketing Trends of 2024: 6 Marketing Trends of the New Year

From new plans for social media management to growth for AI in marketing, the marketing trends of 2024 give us a lot to look forward to this year. As you’re building a content calendar for the year, learning about these trends will give you direction in marketing and advertising plans. Read through this Papion blog to learn all about the marketing trends of 2024 that will shape our future.

1. Sustainable Growth

So much of marketing is spent on time-sensitive, fast-paced moves. This year, and going forward, we’re looking forward to sustainable growth for businesses being the main focus. Retention marketing will play a big role in this trend as we lean into marketing tools that lead to long-term success.

2. Emphasis On Culture

An emphasis on culture in the marketing trends of 2024 is a two-fold trend. On one hand, this emphasis rests on improving culture in marketing businesses to create better content and campaigns. On the other, the cultural focus goes to consumers, with a point of attention paid to the culture we are marketing toward.

3. AI Influences and Assistance

AI has grown steadily as a mainstream assistance tool since the beginning of 2023. Now in 2024, we’re showing no signs of decline, only advancement! The AI influences and assistance of these coming 12 months are something we’re going to watch and experience with bated breath.

4. Emotional Attachment In Advertising

The goal of all advertising is to elicit a response from your audience. In 2024 we’re expecting that response to be focused on emotional attachment. Our goal of ads will be to touch the heartstrings of our communities. We’ll seek true connections to make a business match and sale.

5. Holistic Success Measurements

Holistic success measurements are all about finding tangible, soft success measures from your marketing efforts. Whether you’re embarking on market research for small businesses or seeking a new way of showcasing your services, find holistic markers to define your success journey. These will feel more personal and accessible than traditional KPIs.

6. Small Business Strengths and Growth

The small business model has been making a steady name for itself for many years. 2024 is setting itself up to be even more the time of small business strengths and growth. This will mean something different for every small business, with the same overarching benefit of a business world more open to new ventures.

2024 Marketing Trends: Market the Most of This Year 

As you embark on your marketing challenges and building blocks of 2024 let these marketing trends of 2024 guide your endeavors. Whether you’re tackling top SEO challenges, improving your marketing on mobile devices, or fully revamping your brand, let these philosophical trends guide you. 

The all-in-one marketing benefits of Papion Marketing are here to support you through the new year. From website SEO optimization to all-inclusive digital content creation and management, we’ve got you covered. Contact us to get started and boost your 2024 marketing efforts. 


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