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AI In Marketing: A Breakdown of AI In Marketing Spaces

The changes we’ve seen in AI through 2023 have us wondering about AI in marketing. Where is AI in the marketing industry? How has it already changed the way things are done? Does it affect small business marketing? What can we expect in the future? Does it alter marketing in a saturated market?

In this Papion Marketing blog, these are the questions we’re seeking to answer. Join us as we learn about AI in marketing and what it means for the industry.

The New Wave of AI

When ChatGPT hit the mainstream in November 2022, it brought along a wave of new AI technology, fully available to the general public. It was a shift that gave way to major AI usage and many conversations about said usage. With it, the new wave of AI was born. Now, different sources of AI are working their way into many industries and types of jobs. 

AI In Marketing: 3 Things We Can Expect

As for AI in marketing, so far, AI has been used in supporting marketing campaigns. Folks with different levels of marketing and AI experience have poked around the edges of how AI can be used in marketing. These three AI-driven changes are things we’ve started to see already and can expect more of in the near future.

3. AI-Generated Predictions About Customer Desires

Figuring out how to market to your audience is a long-standing push in marketing. AI so far has shown potential as a way to predict customer desires and offer marketing ideas based on future patterns of behavior.

2. AI-Supported Customer Support and Feedback

One of the key factors of successful marketing, especially on social media, is the need to engage with your audience. AI-supported customer interactions, with chatbot support especially, are proving to be useful in customer engagement.

1. AI-Backed Campaigns with Human and AI Work Blended Together

Ultimately, we can reasonably expect that AI is going to be a supporter of the work we do. There will be a blend, where AI makes it easier for us to do our jobs with support for busy work and similar projects. 

Current AI In Marketing

Currently, AI in marketing is still relatively new for mainstream users. You can work on local SEO with AI support, and even study marketing trends. The full extent of what AI in marketing will do, however, is unclear. 

What we can say for certain is, the importance of content creation for marketing experts isn’t lessened by the AI support available. AI is certainly going to continue to change how we work, but our need to create work we’re proud of won’t be altered.

Marketing and AI: Keep An Eye On AI 

AI in marketing is a topic with a lot of yet-to-be-answered questions. What does the future of AI in marketing hold? How will it change how marketers work? Will it change the foundation of marketing practices of current marketing standards? Here at Papion Marketing, we’re keeping a keen eye on AI in marketing, to see where it goes and how it changes things long-term. 

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