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Marketing Trends and Tested Tools: Balance Your Marketing 

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In the world of marketing, there are many time-tested techniques for marketing campaigns and general practices. There are also marketing trends that roll through the industry for different lengths of time. For those working in marketing the question is, what’s the balance to strike between marketing trends and tested tools? 

The answer: read this Papion Marketing blog and find out! From flexible marketing plans to trends in TikTok marketing, there are lots of ways to market your brand. Finding the balance between marketing trends and tested tools will help you create a brand identity that fits any marketing situation.

Marketing Trends

Marketing trends are a mix of quick trends over within a few months, and long-standing trends that took off in the world of marketing. Quick trends are things along the lines of new AI that may be replaced or eliminated in the near future. Long-standing trends are things like types of influencer marketing and mobile features, which are set in as valuable trends. 

Overall, marketing trends serve many purposes. They can be perfect for marketing for different age demographics. They can also kick up business growth in slow seasons

Tested Marketing Practices

These days tested marketing practices are blended with the trends of the industry. Some common tested practices include things like email marketing, visual storytelling, and strong CTA usage. 

These long-standing marketing tools have morphed through the years but remain pillars of marketing strategy. They can be used for things like announcing business changes with confidence.

Balancing Marketing Between Trends and Tested Tools: 3 Tips

Finding the balance between marketing trends and tested tools is the best way to grow your brand in this age of digital marketing. The marketing world moves fast, and integrating trends into your marketing plan is the way to keep up. These three tips will help you find that balance.

3. Research Trends to See Which Ones Suit Your Industry

Researching trends to see which ones suit your industry is the first step in making use of trends. When you dive into marketing trends there are going to be a lot to choose from. The ones that most suit your business are the only ones you need.

2. Use a Baseline of Tested Marketing Skills 

When you mix in trends with your marketing plans, be sure to keep a baseline of tested marketing strategies and skills. This will keep your marketing plans robust and ready for anything.

1. Find Trends Based In Tested Practices

The best way to ensure you’re using marketing trends and tested tools together is to seek out trends that are based in tested practices. This could be using email marketing trends in your subject lines. It could also be something along the lines of using AI artwork in paid advertisements. 

Marketing Trends and Tried-and-True Practices: Testing Out Your Marketing Efforts 

These tips and tricks will help you balance marketing trends and tested tools to set up your brand and business for success. Here at Papion Marketing, we can help you implement these tools and build up your marketing practices. Reach out to get started today.

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