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Marketing for Age Demographics: Demographic Marketing Tips

Among all the facets of marketing, marketing for age demographics is something every business can benefit from in their marketing plans. Marketing for age demographics is all about gearing your marketing to the age ranges that make up your goal audience. 

Learning how to market to your audience involves many tips and tricks. From showcasing your services in the best ways to curating Instagram grids to represent your brand, the marketing bag of tricks is packed for any occasion. When you tie marketing for age demographics into your marketing tactics, your campaigns gain an extra boost of marketing visibility and intent. 

In this Papion Marketing blog, we’ll walk you through key marketing tips for general age demographics. Mixing your marketing plans with these tactics for your key age range will give your marketing extra oomph. 

18-24: Currently Gen Z

The 18-24 age demographic is one of the most important demographics to market toward for many businesses and industries. This generation of people coming into their own as adults are adept at looking for brands on social media. TikTok marketing, curating Instagram personal brands, and leveraging social media will help you.

25-34: Currently Gen Z and Millennials

The 25-34-year-olds, currently consisting of Gen Z and Millennials, are equally a part of the demographics most important for most businesses. Social media marketing is key here, in the same way it is for the slightly younger demographic. 

35-44: Currently Millennials and Gen X

For an audience of 35-44-year-olds, social media marketing is still quite important. That said, if your business is selling a product or service that reaches for a slightly older demographic, traditional marketing is a critical component. Utilizing marketing techniques of radio ads and web advertising will help you ease into marketing for age demographics above 40. 

45-54: Currently Gen X

When you’re marketing toward 45-54-year-olds, you’re in the right space to lean more into traditional marketing, and different platforms for social media marketing. If your key demographic is Gen X, the best social media platform to focus on is Facebook. Statistics show that 81% of Gen X-ers who use social media most actively use Facebook.

55-64: Currently Gen X and Baby Boomers

In marketing for 55-64-year-olds, your tactics should be similar to marketing for 45-54-year-olds. From Gen X to Baby Boomers and beyond, traditional marketing is key. Specific market research will help, as you can find where your market gets information. Whether that’s newspapers, online news, or specific sites, that’s the place to direct your marketing efforts. 

Age Demographics Marketing: What’s the Age Range of Your Market? 

Marketing for age demographics gives an extra edge to your marketing campaigns. When you identify your ideal customers and clients and curate your marketing for them, you’ll draw them in from the first time they spot you on their social media, across the radio, or on a local message board. 

Papion Marketing can help you identify and seek out your key customers and clients. From web design to social media management, our services cover your needs to curate content for your brand. Reach out to get started today!

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