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Landing Page Creation: 10 Elements of Great Landing Pages

What goes into great landing page creation? What elements do you need to make a landing page compelling, clean, and easy to navigate? What are the top SEO challenges of landing page creation? All these questions and more come up when you start to design your landing pages.

Whether you’re announcing business changes or showcasing your services, idyllic landing page creation gets you there. Read on through this Papion Marketing blog to learn all about landing page creation and the aspects of a great landing page.

What Makes a Great Landing Page?

These elements of landing page creation center on one factor: user-friendliness. They have that in common with the key elements of a good homepage. The goal of landing pages is to draw viewers to your site through a straightforward design. You want it to get their attention and lead them elsewhere quickly. These 10 facets of exemplary landing page creation do the trick. 

1. Clear and Compelling Headline Copy

Whether you’re marketing your business in a saturated market or revamping your brand, clear and compelling headline copy is vital. It introduces your viewers to the page and encourages them to read more.

2. Concise Subheading Copy

Your subheading should follow up on the headline and offer the next step a viewer should take. Keep it short and informative.

3. Intentional and Engaging Visuals

Your visuals are one of the best ways to draw in viewers on a landing page. Using shape psychology and color psychology in branding on these pages helps you achieve the desired effect.

4. Persuasive Call-to-Action (CTA) Text

The intersection of sales and marketing falls on the persuasive nature of your call-to-action, or CTA. Something brief and original, such as “find your profits” draws attention.

5. Minimal Design

Minimal design is the crux of beautifully crafted content. The importance of content creation rests on the simplicity of your content, with nothing in between your customers and the benefits of your business.

6. User-Friendly Formatting

User-friendly formatting means everything from using clean, easy-to-read fonts to managing your code design. It keeps your landing pages easy for viewers to navigate and enjoy.

7. Trust and Authority Indicators 

Part of learning how to market to your audience is becoming an authoritative leader in your industry. Trust and authority indicators, such as customer reviews and awards, help in that regard.

8. Scannable Content

Scannable, easy-to-read content is the key to an effective landing page. Achieve this goal through bullet points, clear headlines, and clean text.

9. Quick Page Loading Speed

Quick page loading speed is the heart of all good digital design. Of all the marketing trends and tested tools in website creation and digital marketing, a quickly loading page is the most vital component.

10. Limited Navigation

A landing page has the singular goal of getting customers to your site or a specific page. You don’t want them getting distracted or bogged down by navigation away from the landing page to anywhere other than one specific place.

Creating Landing Pages: Guiding Customers To Your Business

These 10 aspects of landing page creation help you design landing pages that boost small business marketing and branding and bring in new customers. Papion Marketing is here to support all your landing page and content creation needs. Contact us to start the future of your business today!

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