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Shape Psychology: 3 Factors of Shape Psychology In Branding

Shape psychology, or the psychology of shapes, is the branch of scientific study around the impact shapes have on people. Shape psychology suggests every shape has a meaning of some sort attached to it. That inherent or learned meaning influences how we react to different shapes. 

Shape psychology plays an interesting role in branding. The right shapes at the right time and place can influence whether we want to purchase a product or explore a brand. Using shape psychology in your branding is a powerful tool. It’s something we use here at Papion Marketing. Read on to learn three factors of shape psychology in branding.

Psychology of Different Shapes

Before we dive into factors of shape psychology in branding, we’ll take a look at the psychology of different shapes. The categories are:

  • Squares and rectangles, which bring a sense of trust and authority
  • Circles, ovals, and ellipses, which are soft and gentle, but also mysterious and intriguing
  • Triangles, which instill feelings of stability and balance, while an inverse triangle invites feelings of risk and uncertainty
  • Spirals, which represent growth, knowledge and education, and creativity
  • Abstract shapes, which are used to convey a direct message beyond a classic shape
  • Natural shapes, which are representative of organic, original, balanced feelings

These different shapes and their given meanings play into designing your brand. From the logo to every ad you place, shape psychology plays a role in conveying your message.

3. Colors and Shapes

One major factor in the role of shape psychology is the relation to color psychology. In a previous Papion blog post, we took a look at color psychology and how it relates to branding. It’s also closely tied to shape psychology.

Using the right color and shape together can reinforce the message you’re conveying. For example, a soft shade of blue in a series of squares and rectangles sends a message of trust and stability.

2. Advertisements

Your advertisements are a place to send a message. That’s the goal. If you achieve nothing else with advertising, you’ve got nothing to worry about. You can send that message with words, but why not add shape psychology too?

When you’re designing an advertisement keep shape psychology in the back of your mind. An ad is a compilation of words, colors, and shapes. You can make all of those factors work for you.

1. Logo Shapes

Logos come in at number one because your brand logo is the most vital space for you to include shape psychology. You can craft a logo of one shape, one type of shape several times, or a mix of shapes brought together. 

When you’re creating your logo, keep in mind the goal of your business. Check in with the message behind different shapes as you’re coming up with your logo. That will help you find a logo that conveys your main message.

Psychology of Shapes: Building Blocks of Branding

Factoring shape psychology into your brand plan will help you reach your ideal audience more than words alone will. You know what they say, a shape is worth a thousand words … or something along those lines. 

Come back to the Papion Marketing blog for more solutions to branding and marketing projects. Reach out if you’re looking for marketing support for your business. 

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