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5 Connections of Social Media Marketing and Website Traffic

The connections of social media marketing and website traffic are foundational to small business marketing and branding. Gaining momentum in social media marketing is a success story in and of itself. When coupled with a rise in website traffic, that momentum becomes an even greater driver of brand growth. 

This Papion Marketing blog is your place to learn about the connections of social media marketing and website traffic, and why the two go so well together.

How Does Social Media Marketing Feed Into Increased Website Traffic?

When digging into the connections of social media marketing and website traffic there are two factors to keep in mind. Those are:

These five upcoming connections focus on these two facets of social and web marketing. These benefits and areas of interest will help you focus on your audience, improve both your social presence and website influence, and build your brand. 

5. Content Promotion

Content promotion comes into play with the connection of sharing about content on social media to draw viewers to your website. It’s one of the basics on this list, used as a building block of connecting social media marketing and increased website traffic.

4. Community Connections

The more you can build your community, the more traffic you’ll have and the more profits you’ll make. The intersection of sales and marketing rests in the space your community gathers in social media and your website. Use that connection to grow your reach.

3. Content-Sharing Coordination

The importance of content creation covers two critical features of content: creation and sharing of those creations. From TikTok marketing to curating Instagram grids to announcing business changes on your site, there are correct times and ways to share content. When you coordinate between social media marketing and website traffic goals, you share content more effectively.

2. Advertising Continuity

When you take advantage of the connections of social media marketing and website traffic it gives you something that bolsters your marketing efforts. That is, advertising continuity across your digital ecosystem. That benefit makes it easier to present a unified brand. 

1. Brand Voice Mediums

The benefit of multiple brand voice mediums ties into advertising continuity. Whether you’re revamping your brand or repurposing old content with a new spin, the more spaces you have to showcase your brand, the better your traffic across your sites will be.

Social Media and Site Traffic Connections: Post by Post, Traffic Drives Onward and Upward 

How does social media marketing feed into increased website traffic? Why are the connections of social media marketing and website traffic so important for business growth? After reading this blog, you have the answers! Now it’s time to put them to work for your brand. Reach out to Papion Marketing to work with our social media-minded marketers and grow your business today!


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