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How to Repurpose Old Content: 5 Key Repurposing Tips

Learning how to repurpose old content is helpful no matter what your reason for creating content is. When you create thoughtful content for your brand and business, it’s a shame to let it only serve one purpose. 

Creating repurposable content is helpful in new marketing for established businesses, marketing to your audience, and especially for small business marketing and branding. In the range of factors within the importance of content creation, learning how to repurpose old content with these five key repurposing tips will help you grow your business and brand. 

5. Focus on Evergreen Content

Focusing on evergreen content makes it that much easier to repurpose content when the time comes. Evergreen content–content that is always relevant and correct–should be the bulk of all content you produce. You can repurpose it at any time without worrying about further fact checking.

4. Repurpose High-Yield Content

When you’re looking to choose what content you should repurpose, focus on content that has a high yield of value for your business and brand. You can check your analytics and see which content has been bringing in the most clients. That’s the best content to draw from for repurposing. 

3. Start with Your Long-Form Content

Start with your long-form content when you’re looking for which content to repurpose. Whether it’s blogs, podcasts, or pitch decks, the more you have to pull from, the easier the repurposing process will be. You can draw from each piece of content for a while as you use pieces of it to create new content around.

2. Repurpose for Each Social Platform

When you’re repurposing content, finding a way to use content for each social media platform you use will help you create brand cohesion. From TikTok marketing to an Instagram personal brand page, make a piece of repurposed content that fits each site, to draw in customers and clients across the board. 

1. Update with Current, Relevant Information

A lot of the work of how to repurpose old content revolves around the work of choosing and paring down the old content. There’s one tip that is entirely about what to do with the new, repurposed content. That tip is, adding a piece of new, relevant information. 

This could be tweaking old content to promote a current discount. It could be updating a blog with relevant statistics about a current event. Whatever the content you’re repurposing is, make sure it’s got something new, unique, and attention-catching.

Repurposing Old Content: The Multiple Hats of Marketing Content 

Repurposing old content for new ventures and different channels of multi-media marketing gives you more time to focus on the rest of your business. Instead of always having to start fresh with a new marketing campaign, when you can repurpose old content, you can pour more energy into new ventures at the heart of your business. 

If you’re looking to increase your content creation in general, and start repurposing efforts, reach out to Papion Marketing today. Our experience with marketing, from social media management to web development, means we can help you, while you work on the rest of your business.

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