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5 Website Trends: From Dark Mode To Scrapbook Styles

The ways to create a stunning, brand-inspired website are as vast as the ways to operate a business in this digital age. Site code and design inspiration for making engaging content have grown through the expansion of technology in ways we didn’t dream were possible only a few decades ago. 

One of the most remarkable and inspiring forms of growth in web design and digital businesses is the rise of website trends. Website trends take what we know about digital and creative design, including things like:

… and leap forward to excite us with new ways of making a website into something truly unique. The future of site and business growth lies in our ability to take these trends and delve into the possibilities of digital marketing. Read on through this Papion Marketing blog to learn about the website trends you should incorporate today.

1. Dark Mode

The dark mode trend has cast a new form of light on the importance of content creation. The inversion of the color palette of a site implementing dark mode creates a stark contrast to draw in viewers. Giving the option to switch between dark and light mode is the way to rock this website trend.

2. Minimalism

Minimalism is by no means a new trend in design as a whole. It is, however, taking more and more steps forward in website design trends. From sleek video marketing strategies to intentional landing page creation, minimalism makes the content you include on your site pop off the page.

3. Scrapbook Stylization

Scrapbook stylization is a comforting creative style among these website trends. It’s a way of mixing and matching to create a website that is both artful and accidental. This draws in viewers in a relaxed way, to make your site a happy, easy-to-enjoy experience.

4. 3D Elements

3D elements have been popular for quite some time and show no signs of stopping. These elements should be used sparingly to avoid an overcrowded effect. When used for buttons and small, artfully crafted hot points through your site, they guide the attention of your audience.

5. Scroll-Triggered Animation

Scroll-triggered animation is the delightful design element of animated creations activating as users scroll through your site. These animations can be streamlined lines moving in the scroll direction, or active video animations complementing your site content. Both options increase engagement and upgrade the visual appeal of your site.

Upcoming and Ongoing Website Trends: Elevating Your Website Game 

Learning about and implementing these trends and more into your digital space ups your business potential and keeps you moving forward. We’re excited to watch these trends bloom with the marketing trends of 2024, built on small business growth in 2023

To pair these insights with tech and design support for your business and digital presence, reach out to Papion Marketing today!


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