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Web Design Mistakes To Avoid: 6 Pitfalls Of Web Design

The making of a website is an exciting time for every business. It’s a time to consider website SEO optimization, the keys to quality marketing copy, and intriguing landing page creation. It’s also the most important time to consider the web design mistakes to avoid in your site creation. 

In this Papion Marketing blog, we’ll walk you through six common pitfalls of website creation and design. Keeping these tips in mind will lead to a better website, higher traffic, and greater retention marketing for your brand. 

1. Complicated URL Structures

Complicated URL structures muddle up your brand overview and search engine placement. A complicated URL adds to a cluttered site, while a clean URL provides instant clarity. Ideally, your URL should always be your site, the exact page, and the target keyword of the page. The shorter the URL, the better!

2. Inconsistent Link Styling

The links you place throughout your site and pages are key for SEO and business growth. Having links is the start of a good practice for small business marketing and branding. Consistent link styling takes you the rest of the way. Whatever style you choose–bolded, underlined, or altered colors–keep it consistent to maintain your brand image.

3. White Space Ignorance

White space is a crucial element of branding and page creation. White space can seem like a blank canvas to be used up, but it’s so much more than that. Having a balance of white space on your page makes your engaging content pop and keeps your site from becoming cluttered.

4. Intrusive Pop-Ups

Pop-up ads and banners are an important part of web branding in the arsenal of marketing tools. They provide a clean space for ads and useful but temporary information. They also, however, can be bothersome if placed intrusively. Avoid having pop-ups that show up immediately and fill the entire page. Keep them minimal to increase engagement.

5. Unclear Messaging

Unclear messaging is the bane of your audience and site viewers. The goal of a business website is to draw in customers and give them the information they need to keep coming back. A clear message is necessary for that purpose. Direct CTAs will do a lot to fulfill that need and retain attention.

6. Non-Responsive Page Links and Buttons

The most beautifully designed website can be brought down by non-responsive page links and buttons. Avoid this issue by running tests and maintaining a watchful eye on your site. Any new pages should be thoroughly examined. Analytics and metrics will also help you keep page responses in check.

Mistakes Of Web Design: Design with Delicacy for Excellence

Learning these web design mistakes to avoid gives you the tools to craft a site that draws in your audience and grows your brand. Papion Marketing is also here to help in that regard. Our all-in-one marketing benefits include web design at the hands of our founder and chief of design, Noa Drori. Reach out today to get started on your Papion-supported website. 


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