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The Importance Of Typography In Digital Marketing: 8 Facts

The importance of typography in digital marketing cannot be overstated. Like color psychology and shape psychology, your typography decisions directly affect how customers view your brand. Excellent typography is one of the keys to quality marketing copy. With good typography, you have a strong base for your brand. 

Read through this Papion Marketing blog to delve into the importance of typography in digital marketing to grow your business.

1. Brand Recognition

Brand recognition stands out as one of the most important factors within the importance of typography in digital marketing. When you choose the right fonts and use them consistently across your brand, from platforms to sites to more platforms, you’re creating brand consistency. 

2. Clear Readability

Readability is paramount in font selection. Clear readability is one of the top SEO challenges to work around. Within the importance of content creation rests the importance of catering to your audience. When you focus on readability you ensure your viewers can enjoy and engage with your content. 

3. Loading Speed

Loading speed directly relates to your font style files. If you’re uploading custom fonts onto a carefully designed website, make sure your font files are small and concise. This will save you a sharp headache in loading speed optimization.

4. Font Style Choice Limits

Across your site and brand, be sure to put font style choice limits in place for yourself. More than a few fonts will create a cluttered, chaotic design. No one wants that!

5. Web-Safe Fonts

The importance of web-safe fonts taps into the level of creativity and artistic features you can find in font choices. While a certain level of design freedom is well and good, keep your flashy features to a minimum. The more there is to a font design, the harder it’ll be for your viewers to read and keep on reading.

6. Contrast Is Key

The number one wish and goal for the typography on your sites and platforms is for it to stand out from the screen. In this way, contrast is key to making your typography grab the attention of your audience. Light colors aren’t the right choice unless you’re operating in dark mode. 

7. Consistency

Every page of your website should share fonts and font sizes. From where you’re showcasing your services to the about you page, keep your fonts on brand. This serves two purposes. On one hand, it leans heavily into brand consistency for engagement. On the other, it gives you a website that looks good, which is great for your website SEO optimization.

8. Responsive Design

Responsive design is all about fonts and respective layout keys working across multiple formats and screens. For example, when you’re marketing on mobile devices you want to choose fonts and font sizes that will adapt well to that screen size.

Typography and Digital Marketing: It’s Font-Checking Time 

The importance of typography in digital marketing rests in the much-needed foundation of a strong brand and consistent design decisions. As you’re choosing fonts and designing layouts, reach out to Papion Marketing to learn how we can bolster your marketing efforts. 


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