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Finding Brand Inspiration: 6 Tips of Brand Inspiration

Finding brand inspiration is the never-ending goal of all small business branding and marketing. From your initial business concept to continual brand growth, there’s always brand work to be done. Whether you’re marketing an unconventional business or creating quality marketing copy for a classic business, finding brand inspiration gives you an edge. 

In this Papion Marketing blog, we’ll walk you through the top six tips for finding brand inspiration. These tips will help you create engaging content, market to your audience, and grow your brand. Read on to find brand inspiration through all your business work and exploration.

1. Competitor Analysis

A competitor analysis gives you a good idea of the brand growth of your competition. Avoid copying your competition, but lean on their ideas for inspiration and to learn what may or may not work well for you. You’ll also be able to use competitor analysis to see the direction of the industry and where you need to start planning ahead.

2. Social Media Trends

Following social media trends and divining TikTok and Instagram marketing tips gives you inspiration for your social outreach. To get the best information from social media trends, start an account on your chosen platforms separately from your business and brand. Also, make use of incognito mode to get information that isn’t being pushed by any algorithms.

3. Industry News

Following industry news is always a good idea for staying on top of your business plan. When it comes to finding brand inspiration, industry news can help you keep in touch with what customers and clients are going to expect. News projections will help you plan ahead and keep your brand moving in the right direction.

4. Historical Inspiration

Historical inspiration in finding brand inspiration can come from many places. You can dive into your own brand history to see what you’ve done before and been successful with. The history of your industry is also a good place to look. You can pull from marketing trends and tested tools throughout the history of your industry.

5. Personal Experience

Your personal experience, from general life experience to business experience, will often be your best brand inspiration. Look back over what you’ve loved about your business. Consider how you came to be where you are. All these details will provide insight into what you should do next for your business.

6. Tech Innovations

Tech innovations, from AI in marketing to new software support, will provide inspiration and guidance. When you look to tech innovations for ideas you’ll also find support in implementing those plans. With the rapid changes in the tech industry, this is a constant source of brand inspiration.

Brand Inspiration: Building Your Brand 

Finding brand inspiration goes hand-in-hand with mastering your marketing and advertising. If you’re looking to give your business a jumpstart, reach out to Papion Marketing for expert help with your marketing and design. Our service line of all-in-one marketing benefits is here for you.


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