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DM Etiquette for Businesses: 6 Tips on Engagement Etiquette

Direct message, or DM etiquette for businesses is a niche, necessary piece of social media management. Whether you’re working from an Instagram personal brand or you’re casting a wide net with TikTok marketing and Instagram marketing, finding your DM groove is crucial. 

It gives you consistency in customer and B2B interactions through DMs, which in turn bulks up your social media connections and networking opportunities. It’s part of marketing to your audience, and ensuring you have a strong brand voice. In this Papion blog, we’ll walk you through six tips to master DM etiquette for businesses. 

6. Avoid Sending Spam-Type Messages

The goal of DM etiquette for businesses is to send messages that elicit a response. If your messages are similar to spam, either in content or frequency, you cut down on your chances of receiving a response. Avoid spamming people by making things personal, thinking them through for content and purpose, and considering whether you would appreciate the DM.

5. Focus on Personalization

Personalization gets you everywhere in sales and marketing. That’s especially true for small business marketing and branding, where the relationship you build with customers is the basis of your business. Build those relationships by personalizing each DM you send, from speaking to different age demographics to referencing the recent work of the person.

4. Be Prompt 

One of the most impactful tools in your brand engagement arsenal is punctuality in communications. In terms of DM etiquette for businesses, the rule of thumb is to respond to DMs within 24 hours. You can work these around your specific business hours. The number one thing to do is set your timeline expectations and stick with them.

3. Create and Stick with Tone Guidelines

The best thing you can do for yourself in planning around DM etiquette for businesses is to have a template for each interaction. To start, create guidelines for tone and branding for your conversations. When you know how you want to say everything, it’ll be easier to respond with your brand voice in mind every time.

2. Mind Your Manners

Many of our daily interactions over DMs on social media are personal and therefore, quite informal. In DM etiquette for businesses, there’s more of an emphasis on formality as it applies to your business. Use your brand tone, but be sure to mind your manners. DM etiquette falls somewhere between a casual text and a business email.

1. Be Mindful of Time Zones

Whenever you’re communicating with customers, clients, or business connections, it’s important to be mindful of their time zones. It’s even more important when you’re reaching out on a platform that will notify them on their phone. Keep your DMs for business purposes to business hours, unless a connection reaches out first, then promptly respond!

Businesses and DM Etiquette: Minding Your DM Manners 

Managing DM etiquette for businesses gives you a business boost on social media. Additionally, it enhances the experience for your audience and business network. Papion Marketing can provide support in your business and social media efforts. Reach out today to learn how our social media and digital management can elevate your brand.


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