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8 Facts Of Where and When to Start a Website Makeover

Understanding where and when to start a website makeover is a critical task for small business branding and marketing. Maybe you’re revamping your brand. You could be looking for a new way of showcasing your services. Perhaps you’re experimenting with new marketing for an established business

Whatever the case may be, learning where and when to start a website makeover makes your job of marketing easier. Read on through this Papion Marketing blog to learn all about it!

Where to Start a Website Makeover

The question of where to start a website makeover is the roadmap to redesigning each section of your site. The benefits of custom website building come in handy in this regard, giving you the ability to alter individual site sections. These four spots are great places to start.

1. Redesigning Your Homepage

Website SEO optimization starts with your homepage. When it comes to a total website makeover, the homepage should be the first place you make changes. 

2. Updating Your About Information

A website makeover typically coincides with an update to your general business information. With this in mind, include an update to your About page in your site makeover.

3. Revisiting Your FAQs

Your frequently asked questions, or FAQs, are an important part of your site for new and existing site visitors. When you make site and brand changes be sure to revisit and revitalize your FAQs. 

4. Creating New Landing Pages

Landing page creation is as much a part of your website and digital ecosystem as every other web page. Be sure to check on your landing pages during your makeover work.

When to Start a Website Makeover

Now that you know how to start a website makeover the question remains, why and when should you start? How do you know it’s time? These four factors may crop up as signs that it’s time to start a website makeover for your brand.

1. Brand Revamp Projects

Brand revamp projects are one of the most exciting times to start a website makeover. You can have fun remaking your site with your new brand guidelines.

2. Marketing Campaign Makeovers

New marketing campaigns are a great time to revamp parts or all of your website. The best choice in this instance is to remake pages and pieces that tie into your campaign.

3. Renewed Buyer Persona Outreach

You can also change up your site if you’re trying to reach a different type of customer. Match your aesthetic to your buyer persona to guide your makeover.

4. Analytics Boost Solutions

Sometimes, you simply need an analytics boost and a fresh website look. This is the time to categorically go through your site and make improvements as you find the opportunity.

Starting a Website Makeover: Is It Time to Refresh Your Site? 

Whether you’re announcing business changes or simply looking for a fresh take on your site, these steps of where and when to start a website makeover will come in handy. Papion Marketing, with our suite of all-in-one marketing benefits, can make the transition even easier. Contact us to start your website makeover project today.


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