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Black Friday Marketing: 6 Black Friday Marketing Techniques

Of all the marketing trends and tested tools in use today, Black Friday marketing is in a category all to itself. Black Friday marketing is about timeliness, creating demand, and drawing in crowds. Those factors are a piece of many aspects of small business marketing and branding. They are uniquely used on Black Friday to make massive sales. 

In this Papion Marketing blog, we’ll walk you through Black Friday marketing techniques and how you can utilize them. These work for Black Friday and similar sale occasions, and they also work throughout the year. 

1. Promote In Advance Through Social Media

One of the top SEO challenges of Black Friday marketing is the fact that every business chases after similar hashtags and keywords. Promoting in advance through social media, with a mix of traditional and unique hashtags and keywords, helps you stand out before the sales start. You can lean on your social media management team to help in this regard.

2. Make Special Occasion Offers

Black Friday is forever popular because it’s an occasion that comes along every year in a special season. You can take advantage of that same sort of timely enjoyment of sales with special occasion offers. You can match them to holidays, industry events, or business occasions.

3. Create a Sense of Urgency

Sales are driven by the need to experience something new and to experience it quickly. Creating a sense of urgency, especially with limited sale times, taps into that desire to try something. You can also create this urgency by leaning into scarcity mindsets, with a limited amount of products or services for a short time span.

4. Offer Regulars Exclusive Deals

Black Friday marketing practices can pair well with retention marketing when you direct sales toward existing clients and customers. Offer your regulars exclusive deals to tell them how much you value them. You can personalize these deals as much as you want for each customer.

5. Give a Free Gift with Purchases

Everyone loves something free. It’s a fact of business and life. Including a free gift with purchases works for any type of sale, including in Black Friday marketing techniques. You can work with something light and unrelated, or find an item that complements your products or services.

6. Make a Sale Guide Beforehand

Black Friday marketing plans are the quintessential intersection of sales and marketing. Your marketing will be easier to arrange when you have your sales planned in advance. Making a sale guide beforehand, with items and services and their sale offers, helps you prepare.

Marketing and Black Friday Ties: What’s Your Black Friday Occasion?

Is Black Friday the sale day for your business? Does your marketing plan ramp up after the new year? Do your customers come bounding in for summer deals? Whatever your Black Friday occasion is, these marketing techniques make it exceptional and successful. If you’re looking for support in implementing these and many more marketing plans, reach out to Papion today.

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