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Social Media Crisis Management: 5 Management Techniques

In the world of social media management social media crisis management is a whale of a task to tackle. What is social media crisis management? Is it managing social media crises or general business crises? How the heck do you manage it in the fast-paced world of social media? Have no fear, on the Papion Marketing blog, we’ll answer these questions and more.

Crisis Management Training

Crisis management training is important for anyone who has–or works for–a business that works with customers and clients. In every industry, there is room for a crisis to occur. 

It could be a particularly irate customer with a complaint they make publicly. It could be a disaster industry-wide that affects your ability to provide exemplary customer service. 

Whatever the case, crisis management training helps you prepare for the unpredictable. There are companies that teach crisis management, who you can hire to work with your company. There is also niche information for crisis management in different spaces. For social media crisis management, we’ve got you covered.

What Is Crisis Management In Social Media?

So, what is crisis management in social media? It’s a level of preparation and a plan for any future critical events. Crisis management in social media marketing is part of a flexible marketing plan. It’s a crucial part of small business marketing, to keep your business running smoothly through good times and tough times. 

These five tips are the framework of social media crisis management:

5. Establish Crisis Response Protocols

Establishing crisis response protocols is the first step toward remaining calm in a crisis. In social media crisis management, these protocols will include steps like monitoring DMs, temporarily disabling comments, and having templates for major messages.

4. Streamline Your Social Media Monitoring

Streamlining your social media monitoring will help you stay ahead of any crisis moments. You can build monitoring time into your content calendar to make sure you always have the time to check in. 

3. Identify Your Common Crisis Risks

Every business has common crisis risks to look out for. Maybe yours are organizational crises, where your team shifts and you need to respond. Perhaps a natural disaster becomes a crisis in disrupting deadlines for clients. Learn your common crisis risks to prepare for them.

2. Create Templates for Crisis Management

Templates are recommended in general for Instagram marketing tips. For crisis management templates, having some content templates to put out alerts and serious information will help you prepare.

1. Be Prompt In Crisis Management Situations

The best thing you can be in any situation where you are managing a crisis that involves your customers, clients, or audience is prompt. All of the steps on this list are important, but doing them efficiently, and in a timely manner, is the most important. 

Managing a Crisis on Social Media: Control Crisis Through Content Creation 

Figuring out the breakdown of social media crisis management will leave you feeling as calm as possible when inevitable crises hit. Social media management in general is something you can handle calmly when you have all the tools. One of those tools is the services of Papion Marketing. Reach out today to learn how we can help you master your social media and brand management. 

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