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Women In Marketing: Celebrating Women’s History Month

For this Women’s History Month, we’re celebrating with a look at powerful women in marketing. Here at Papion Marketing, we’re a woman-led team with Noa Drori, our founder, at the helm of the business. 

We’re proud of all women in marketing, and we’re not the only ones aware of the women who are ruling the marketing world. From three amazing women in marketing positions, to the role of women in marketing, this is the month to celebrate women in the marketing industry.

3 Amazing Women In Marketing

The marketing industry is ruled by some amazing women. Marketing is a nuanced position that requires many of the traits women are commonly known for. It’s no wonder so many women in marketing are recognized for exceptional marketing work. 

These three amazing women in marketing have made major strides in their own ways. They’ve been recognized by the wider world for marketing innovation and success. They’re a testament to the range of industries women can work in within the marketing field, and crush it every time. 

3. Maggie Chan Jones

Maggie Chan Jones is the CEO and Founder of Tenshey, a company which works to promote diversity and leadership development through executive coaching. Maggie was the first female Global Chief Marketing Officer of SAP, a multinational software company. She continues to be a champion for women with her own Tenshey venture. 

2. Maryam Banikarim

Maryam Banikarim is the Head of Marketing for Nextdoor, the widely used and wildly popular social networking platform for neighborhoods. Maryam has also served as the Global Chief Marketing Officer of Hyatt Hotels, and the Chief Marketing Officer of Gannett and Univision. She’s brought growth and innovation to every company she has worked with.

1. Ann Handley 

Ann Handley, the Chief Content Officer at MarketingProfs, has been recognized by several publications for her work in marketing and branding. She’s been named the “Most Engaging Influencer ” by TopRank Blog and the most influential woman in social media by Forbes. She’s also recognized as one of the top 20 woman bloggers by ForbesWoman

The Role of Women In Marketing

The role of women in marketing is vast and varied. Beyond the three women above, women across the marketing industry are making changes and setting examples for women coming into the marketing world. 

Nearly 56% of marketing manager jobs in the United States are filled by women. A LinkedIn study found that 60% of marketing jobs are dominated by women. It’s no wonder. 

When you research women in marketing, you find evidence backing up the success women find in marketing. Women are known to be adept at sharing solutions and new ideas in an inviting way. They’re gifted in the practice of collaborating at work and bringing teams together. It’s easy to see why women in marketing hold such a unique place in the industry when you consider our strength in business and teamwork. 

Papion Marketing: A Woman-Run Business

Here at Papion Marketing we’re proud to join the long line of women in marketing who have paved the way for all of us. Our founder, Noa Drori, is a champion of women in marketing. Reach out today to chat with Noa, and learn what Papion Marketing can do for you. 

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