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Social Networking and Marketing: 4 Key Factors and Skills

We’ve all heard of networking, but how much work have you done with social networking? Social networking is a different breed of network events. It’s an extension of spending time socially with people in your industry.

The pair of social networking and marketing in the industry is perfectly suited to the creative world of marketing. In this Papion Marketing blog post, we’ll walk through some points around social networking and marketing, and how they can pair together.

What Is Social Networking? 

Social networking–in this context of the many you’ll find online–is the act of engaging in networking in a relaxed, social scene. Yes, that’s a broad definition. That’s because social networking can be a great many things. In the marketing industry, it’s generally a relaxed party or event. That’s due to the primarily creative nature of marketing work. 

Social Networking In the Marketing Industry

Social networking in the marketing industry is based on connecting with marketing professionals and people in need of marketing support. It’s a wide range, and it means there’s something in social networking and marketing for everyone. These four facets of social networking and marketing are a mix of types of events and what you should do at those events. 

4. Launch Events

Launch events are a semi-common social networking event. In the marketing industry, a launch event often centers around a product or business being released or opening for business. They are among the more formal options on this list. They can introduce you to some of the top names in your industry and niche.

3. Parties with Clients and Partners

Parties with clients and business partners are similar to launch events, but they are much less formal. This could be a party around the holidays, a beach hang, or a cocktail event. They’re casual, often without a specific reason. You can angle your social networking on these occasions to search for particular connections.

2. Quantity and Quality

Quantity and quality refers to the mix of people who are ideal to have at any social networking event. It’s good to have a large quantity because it makes it easier to mingle without excluding anyone. The quality is equally important, in that you want to find people who are in the industry, a related industry, or a specific niche. 

1. Your 30-Second Pitch

Your 30-second pitch is something you need to plan ahead for, ideally before you attend any social networking events. In the marketing setting, your pitch should highlight what makes you unique. Yes, this is important in any networking setting, but it’s especially important in the creative marketing field. 

Social Networking In Marketing: Navigating Social, Marketable Spaces

Social networking and marketing go together like sunshine and happiness. Odds are, you’ve been engaging in social networking long before you knew what it was. When it’s time to bring your marketing experience up to that same level, reach out to Papion Marketing. We’ll get you there and have some fun socializing along the way.

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